Pokemon Cards & Collectables

Both new and used Pokémon cards can be found in our store. Those interested in selling Pokémon cards can stop in any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday afternoon. Product updates on new series and products can be best found on our Facebook Page. We have a small group of friendly Pokémon players that come in for casual store play on Tuesday evenings.

Tuesday: Pokémon Standard 5pm - 9pm

Thursday: Pokémon GLC (Gym Leader Challenge) 5pm - 7pm

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Pokémon GO TCG Set is here! 

Links for Poké-Players and Collectors

Looking for information or ways to learn how to play the game? Check out the links below:

Pokemon TCG Online -- An online platform for playing the card game! Use your card codes from boosters here, too.

Tolarian Community College -- Various Youtube videos about deck building, strategies and products.