Collector's Connection MTG Deck-Build Spotlights

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Over the last few months we been unable to hold Friday and Saturday Magic: The Gathering games in order to keep everyone safe.

We miss seeing the decks our gaming customers create. Since curb-side pickup and retail safety measures have allowed our customers to keep buying Magic: The Gathering products, we know that many of you must have created fantastic decks... especially since we've seen such great cards come out in sets like Ikoria, Core 2021, Zendikar and Commander Legends! Many of our staff members are MTG players themselves, and are eager to see the decks you have built. (And to be the judge of which submissions we enjoy the most and are worthy of being featured!)

We suggest that you keep these components in mind when picking a "quarantine edition" deck build to send in to us: Theme, newer cards or sets that have come out between March 2020 - Feb 2021, deck strategy, synergy and play-ability (with winning in mind, of course!). All cards must be legal in the submitted deck's playing format.

To submit your decks, follow the link, here.

Prizes will be awarded to decks we choose to spotlight on our website!

Players can list the cards within their entry or link to their own decks from deck sharing sites such as and EDHREC.

Deadline for entries is Feb. 28 and any updates will be posted to our Facebook page or added to the end of the this blog post. Participants may enter up to 3 deck builds. Please fill out a new form for each deck that you submit.

Happy deck building!

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