Staff MTG Deck Builds: Improving "Depala, Pilot Exemplar" with Kaldheim Dwarves

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

When Kaladesh released in 2016, I decided to build a commander deck around “Depala, Pilot Exemplar,” a red/white dwarves and vehicle deck.

Depala gives dwarves +1/+1 and crewed vehicles +1/+1. Whenever she becomes tapped you can pay X to reveal the top X cards and put all dwarves and vehicles among them into your hand.

It’s a pretty simple deck all things considered; mostly big mana vehicles crewed by small mana dwarves that all buff each other. And with the release of Kaldheim the deck has seen some nice possible improvements:


The first new addition to my deck is “Master Skald,” a dwarf warrior.

When it enters the battlefield, it removes a creature in my graveyard from the game, and returns an artifact from my graveyard to my hand.

This effectively lets me trade one of my dead small mana dwarves for a big mana vehicles from the graveyard later in the game when I really need it.


Another helpful addition from Kaldheim is “Magda, Brazen Outlaw,” a legendary dwarf berserker.

For just one colorless and one red mana, Magda gives Dwarves +1/+0 and creates a treasure token whenever a Dwarf becomes tapped.

The treasure can be sacrificed to add to my available mana, which is helpful at the start of the game. Or, I can sacrifice five treasure so that Magda’s ability allows me to search my library for a vehicle later on.


The last major improvement I made to my Dwarf deck after opening cards from Kaldheim is “Reckless Crew,” a sorcery cast for three colorless mana and one red.

When cast, I create X 2/1 red Dwarf Berserker creature tokens, where X is the number of vehicles I control plus the number of Equipment I control.

While a pretty simple spell, being able to create tokens to crew for my vehicles is super helpful.


All three of these Kaldheim cards, as well as the new white and red snow lands make great additions to my dwarf vehicles deck.

I look forward to playing it against your new decks in the future!

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