The Artist Behind Our Handmade Dice Boxes

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Few things are as satisfying as a great dice roll that changes the stakes during a game of Dungeons and Dragons. And local wood-working artist Nathan Ralph has created dice boxes just for the occasion.

Ralph has been making his felt-lined dice boxes for for about a year and a half. The simple boxes are perfect for adding a design for further customization.

Equip with a woodworking space at home, Ralph has taken wood-working up as a hobby and has mostly created gifts for family members or to add to his own gaming experience.

The dice boxes he creates are made primarily with hardwoods such as black walnut, cherry, hard maple and white ash. Ralph has also used butternut and hard birch, which "are not normally commercially available, but are locally grown and harvested."

While he mostly crafts his boxes with wood found in the United States, Ralph occasionally uses more exotic woods "such as purpleheart and African padauk" as accents.

But he cares more about sustainability. "You don't have to cut down a rain forest to find beauty in wood crafts, especially if you can get your hands on some gnarly burls that someone was just going to burn at a campfire anyway."

One of the reasons Ralph enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons, which he would describe as a "first-person video game, but as a board game," is because it gives him "the chance to play someone I'm not."

Playing a role playing game makes it "fascinating to get into that headspace and do things as a character that I would never do myself, forcing myself to see solutions and paths to the story I would otherwise never see."

One of his favorite campaigns was a Harry Potter-themed game with a storyline about the creation of Azkaban." His character, a chaotic-neutral warlock was "basically Deadpool if he were German and from the 1490s."

"We were at the final boss battle and it was looking like it was going to be a party-wipe. In a last-ditch effort, someone cast 'charm person' on the boss, and it worked. It was one of those absolutely unexpected moments and some good role-playing and hilarity ensued. Completely saved the party and my character," he says.

In addition to making dice boxes, Ralph has crafted cutting boards and a wooden chess set that can also be found at the store.

Whether you're hoping to store your favorite dice, play a game such as Call of Cthulhu, Axis & Allies or Dungeons & Dragons, one of his wooden dice boxes would make a perfect companion to your tabletop experience. Boxes in our store range between $20-75 depending on the materials and design.

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